For over twenty-five years, Aaron has been driven by the belief that health and well-being should be lifelong pursuits for everyone, and that our healthcare system should deliver solutions to improve health—not just treat or manage disease. He holds a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, with a minor in industrial engineering. In addition to this book, he is coauthor of Leading Healthcare Improvement: A Personal and Organizational Journey.


Aaron has helped numerous organizations align and improve their personnel and business systems to accomplish strategic objectives. He has consulted with leading healthcare organizations across the country, including Denver Health, Henry Ford Health System, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic Health System, University Health Services, University of Texas Medical Branch, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and many others.

His areas of expertise and professional skills include guiding organizations through strategically driven changes and enhancing business performance, with significant experience in rapid cycle improvement, performance measurement, and behavioral change management. Aaron also has extensive experience in the implementation of technological solutions, as well as in executive coaching.


Never interested in the status quo, Aaron has pursued research and writing about disruptive innovation and how it can transform healthcare for over a decade.


Originally from Kentucky, Aaron has lived in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, and currently resides in Missouri with his wife and their daughter. An eternal optimist, Aaron believes there is always a solution to any problem that confronts us.


For over thirty years Terry has been learning and teaching ways to transform our sick care system into a compassionate healthcare system that is humble, respectful to all, patient-focused, constantly learning, affordable, accessible to everyone, and safe.


Terry has a doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Tennessee and after several years as a practicing psychologist, decided to broaden his skills by doing postdoctoral work in organizational development at Vanderbilt.


His decades of experience include serving on the executive teams of two large hospitals where he helped install state of the art management systems. To make sure these systems worked well he helped coach new approaches to leadership, strategy, improvement, education, employee engagement and customer service. The goal was always the realization of a culture that was safer, more collaborative, respectful, data-driven, less expensive and more caring, for patients and staff alike. In addition, serving on these leadership teams, he worked at two nationally known healthcare consulting firms as president of one and senior principal of the other. He just recently started Skye Solutions, LLC focused primarily on disruptive innovation in healthcare.


His consulting and executive coaching clients over the years have included a wide range of hospitals and hospital systems: Sloan Kettering, Yale–New Haven, Vanderbilt Adult Hospital, George Washington University Health System, Henry Ford Healthcare System, Denver Healthcare, St. Jude Children’s Research Center, Hospital Corporation of America, Kaiser Permanente, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, among others. Terry is proud of the fact that he was able to provide content and teaching support at the founding of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, lead the redesign and development of a nationally respected Lean Academy at Denver Healthcare, teach at the Tulane International Masters of Medical Management program and elsewhere, and serve on advisory boards of forward-thinking organizations. 


Terry’s tendency to constantly push the envelope of improvement explains his current research and writing about how disruptive innovation can transform healthcare institutions. He is also exploring how he can collaborate with others to find solutions to the devastating opioid crisis in this country.


Originally from Texas, he currently lives in Nashville with his wife who served as a critical-care nurse for thirty years and has helped him “stay real” as he has worked to help others improve the healthcare delivery system. Next to his amazing grandchildren, he believes one of the most beautiful things we can behold is horses running across an open field on a frosty winter morning. Perhaps one never really gets over being from Texas. 

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