The US healthcare system desperately needs radical reform to rein in costs, reduce harm, expand access and become customer centric.

Imagine a healthcare system where consumers are respected and in control. Imagine communities focused on prevention and health instead of just on sick care and where pricing is no longer hidden. Imagine a system where drugs and surgeries are more affordable and effective. 


Imagine what real change in our healthcare system

would mean for you, the economy, and our future.


Real change requires disruptive innovation. As citizens, employers, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, elected officials, and patients, it is time for us to drive the change. Authors Aaron Fausz and Terry Howell explain how we can disrupt, dismantle, and rebuild.


Will you be among the daring disruptors creating the ideal healthcare system of tomorrow, today? Don’t just imagine. It’s time to do something. Read this book and become part of the solution.

IMAGINE... from Sick Care to an Ideal Healthcare System
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