“Drs. Fausz and Howell deliver careful and caring insight into the use of technology, research, and good old common sense to disrupt a stagnant, ailing paradigm and create a healthier healthcare system. Transparent, competitive, and proactive—these ideas mesh perfectly into a world where fitness, both financial and physical, is the goal.”

Gary Kinder
United States Olympic Decathlete
Executive Director
Kindersport Human Performance

“Written by two of the most experienced healthcare leaders in the country, this provocative work forces you to consider a new way of looking at our ‘sick care’ system. And it pushes us to embrace disruption with all its unsettling consequences. Now more than ever, we must rethink the system to improve quality, improve access, and lower the skyrocketing costs. This book will be required reading for my students, and I recommend it to all who are searching for a solution to our broken ‘sick care’ system.”

Suellyn Ellerbe, MN, RN
Professor, Camden School of Nursing, DNP/MBA Program
Rutgers University

“Although healthcare is both an art and a science, we can clearly learn from corporate models such as Amazon and Walmart how to deliver effective, evidence-based, conscientious healthcare. Authors Fausz and Howell are correct: The time is now. Providers either change or continue to be the conveyor belt in inadequate medical management, and sooner or later each of us and our families will be on that conveyor belt.”

Edward T. Creagan, MD, FAAHPM
Medical Oncologist and Hospice and Palliative Care Specialist
Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology
Mayo Clinic Medical School

“Fausz and Howell have spent their careers, and considerable talents, helping the individuals tasked with leading healthcare organizations to improve them. With this book, they continue that legacy as they invite us to participate in our own disruption.”

Timothy Harlin, DSc, FACHE
EVP and CEO 
UTMB Health

“Two of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with, Fausz and Howell do an outstanding job highlighting the forces that are challenging healthcare to disrupt itself. As you ponder the impact of innovation and the accelerated pace of change, don’t miss their essential message that success is all about delivering value to patients.”

Charles V. Hagood, DSc
President, Transformational Advisory Services
Press Ganey Associates, Inc.

“In this balanced, insightful, and well-written book, Howell and Fausz have articulated a timely and necessary book exposing systemic flaws in our unnecessarily complicated sick care system. It is a methodical and vivid look at the problems but, more importantly, describes exciting innovations poised to disrupt and create new pathways for improving health in our communities.”

John Langefeld, MD
Vice President, Clinical Integration and Quality Innovation
Vizient, Inc.

”As W. Edwards Deming said, ‘In God we trust, all others must bring data.’ Unfortunately, the data show nearly 50 percent of people are suffering from chronic disease despite trillions of dollars spent on healthcare. This is a sad and unsustainable reality that Terry and Aaron powerfully outline while providing a transformative road map for fixing healthcare and encouraging a focus on a vibrant health span instead of a dire life-span.”

Josh Jarrett
Founder and CEO
Quantify Fitness

“Who best to write a book about healthcare transformation than two insiders with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of America’s healthcare systems. Terry Howell and Aaron Fausz have outlined innovative solutions to fix America’s broken healthcare system that can be applied to both old and new challenges—such as the opioid/substance abuse disorder crisis sweeping America.”

Richard Taylor
Director of Business Development
eTransX Inc.

“Recognizing that healthcare has become trapped in a sick system and a tsunami of disruption is coming, Aaron and Terry offer a way forward. As industry experts, they have experienced firsthand the many obstacles to improving the current system and advocate dramatic changes that will move the system from sick care to healthcare, including systemic innovations that have the potential to truly transform our system of care.”

Phillip E. Gibbs, PhD
Founder and CEO
The Disruption Lab